The School Improvement and Student Services staff are located in the District Administration Office, 560 SE University Ave., Waukee, IA, 50263.

Phone: 515.987.5161

Fax: 515.987.2701

School Improvement

Lindsay Law, Director of Teaching & Learning
515-987-5161 ext. 2000

Ali Locker, Director of Teaching & Learning
515-987-5161 ext. 6057

Connie Taylor, School Improvement Administrative Assistant
515-987-5161 ext. 4572


Kathy Liston, Brookview Elementary
ext. 7115

Laura Curtis, Eason Elementary
ext. 5115

Valerie Jansonius, Grant Ragan Elementary
ext. 6527

Leslie Perrigo, Maple Grove Elementary
ext. 6165

Delaine Miller, Shuler Elementary
ext. 6018

Melissa Horton, Walnut Hills Elementary
ext. 6042

Emily Fenske, Waukee Elementary
ext. 6052

Beth Brewer, Woodland Hills Elementary/Vince Meyer
ext. 6308

Amanda DeGrooteSouth Middle School
ext. 3229

Susan Hope, Waukee Middle School
ext. 3435

Jill Kasparbauer, Prairieview School
ext. 6760

Kevin Tow, Timberline School
ext. 2806

Charlie Folsom, Waukee High School
ext. 2501

Erica BealsWaukee High School

Michelle Crannell, K-12 Literacy Coach
ext. 2011


Fran Beavers, Elementary
ext. 6129

Jil Schneider, Elementary
ext. 6527

Amie Stageman, Elementary
ext. 6015

Jill Schneider, Elementary
ext. 5105

Kristin Grotewold, Elementary/Secondary
ext. 6128

Sheena Grove, Secondary
ext. 2237



Peg Erke, Director of Student Services
515-987-5161 x5104

Lindsay Marron, Assistant Director of Student Services

Sharon Link, Student Services Administrative Assistant
515-987-5161 x4571

Kelli PalcicSpecial Education Strategist
515-987-5161 x4515

Amy HayesSpecial Education Strategist
515-987-5161 x2105

Annie MillerSpecial Education Strategist
515-987-5161 x6079

Kayla AmelonSpecial Education Strategist
515-987-5161 x2279

Stacie DeHaan, Director of Instructional Services
515-987-5161 x2019

TBD, Instructional Services Administrative Assistant
515-987-5161 x4520


Sara Winn, Brookview Elementary
ext. 7412

Megan Tuttle, Eason Elementary
ext. 5306

Frankie DeMouthMaple Grove Elementary
ext. 6131

Kayla Weier, Grant Ragan Elementary

Jenna Swain, Shuler Elementary
ext. 6353

Kelli McClurg, Walnut Hills Elementary
ext. 6047

Suzanne Myers-Laird, Waukee Elementary
ext. 6348

Jenni Newton, Woodland Hills Elementary
ext. 6356

Susan Wouters, Waukee Middle School

Karlee McKibban, South Middle School

Brea Burrack, Timberline and Prairieview

Vicki McCarthy, Waukee High School


Daniel Chapman, Brookview Elementary
ext. 2553

Janeal Lyons, Brookview Elementary
ext. 2486

Kristina Frederickson, Brookview Elementary
ext. 2568

Esther Pain, Brookview Elementary
ext. 2841

Abby Teigland, Maple Grove Elementary
ext. 6534

Katrina Graen, Maple Grove Elementary
ext. 6528

Evan Hammans, Grant Ragan Elementary
ext. 2198

Trish Casler, Shuler Elementary
ext. 6600

Lisa Rutz, Waukee Elementary
ext. 6374

Brittany Ruba, Woodland Hills Elementary
ext. 2052