WCSD students will be inspired to actively participate in a global society as informed citizens and problem-solvers by connecting the past to the present in order to shape the future.

Standards, Benchmarks, Objectives (SBO)

The K-12 social studies curriculum was reviewed during the 2013-14 school year. Committee members at all levels reviewed the standards, benchmarks and objectives from the IA Core Social Studies Standards. These objectives clearly articulate what we expect all students to know, understand and be able to do.

The elementary committee members explored conceptual units of study to be implemented during the 2014-15 school year for all teachers. These new units create opportunities for students to engage in inquiry-based learning experiences while making connections across disciplines.

Social Studies K-5 – Big Ideas

The middle school social studies teachers have been exploring literacy skills in their content area, and continue to engage students with opportunities to interact with and analyze a variety of historical texts. The following link provides additional information on the standards for Reading in History/Social Studies (6-12 Standards).