For Parents and Guardians – Set Expectations

Digital devices (iPad, laptop, cell phones, etc) are great tools for learning, but they have the potential to be a distraction. Adult supervision and clear expectations for appropriate use are important.

  • Set and communicate clear expectations for your child’s use of the device. Any electronic device (iPads, cell phones, etc.) can be a distraction and disrupt the sleep cycle if used right before bedtime
  • To discourage late-night, unmonitored use of devices, experts suggest that families store electronic devices in a common room of the home. Identify a central location in your home where students should store and/or charge their device
  • The Common Sense Media Family Agreement provides an age-appropriate checklist that can be used to guide conversations with your child about responsible use of media and technology


Be gentle with your device and especially the screen. Things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid stacking books or other heavy objects on top of the device
  • Keep liquids away from the device
  • Do not use sharp objects, such as pens or pencils on the screen — it will scratch.
  • Keep the power adapter in a safe place – label loaned cable and power adapter with tape that can be easily removed.
  • Here are some recommended guidelines for cleaning your devices
  • Please use the power adapter that was issued with your device. Third-party adapters have been known to damage batteries and are a potential safety hazard.


On the WCSD loaned devices:

  • Waukee has implemented internet filtering software which blocks inappropriate content, however, parents should continue to monitor content and devices
  • WCSD has installed a suite of educational apps, additional app downloads are not permitted or enabled on loaned devices



Please contact your child’s teacher for directions to log into the account.

Directions for using AirPrint are available on the apple support website.

MiFi HotSpot

  • To turn the device one, push the power button on the top right side of the hotspot.
  • They can be plugged in to charge, but they also run on battery power.  The power adapter and cable are included in the box.
  • The hotspots are pre-setup to allow connection by the single device Waukee Schools is distributing them with.
  • No other device will be able to connect to them.


WiFi Connection Options

  • MacBook Air computers or iPads that were included with the hotspot should automatically join the hotspot’s Wi-Fi connection.
  • If you have to manually connect them, floor these steps.
  • On a MacBook Air, simply use the wireless menu and select the hotspot.
  • The Wi-Fi network will be named “WCSDxxxxx” where xxxxx is the tag number of the device paired with the hotspot.

Remote learning resources for families are available on the Seesaw website.

If you need technical assistance or support with your district-issued device, please email