Lesson Plan Form (must be completed for the pre-observation conference)

Pre-observation Conference Conversation/Discussion Topics (MAY be completed)

Component Questions – Essential 10 Components – (MAY complete, will be discussed, with artifacts, at the pre-observation conference)

Component Questions – ALL Components – (MAY complete for components collaboratively chosen for observation, will be discussed, with artifacts, at preobservation conference)

Graphic Organizer – Observation Timelines and Initials of Evaluator and Teacher

Essential 10 Component – Data Tracking Sheet (and Next 5)

ITPDP Template
• Sample ITPDP Template Behavior Goal (PBIS)
• Sample ITPDP Template Collaboration: Book Study

Formal Observation Cover Sheet

Walk Through Form

Annual Conference Form

Iowa Dept of Education Summative Evaluation Form (Initial License Transition to Standard License and Career Teacher)

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s One Page Poster

Artifact Suggestions