You will receive an email from the application system after successfully completing an application for the desired position. If your position requires reference surveys, you can view the status of reference survey completion within the application.

One year from the last date of activity or application to a position.

If you have applied for an open position, you will receive notice via an email when that position has been filled. If you are selected for an interview, in most cases, the hiring manager will contact you directly.

Yes, You will go into your past application and select the additional vacancies desired you would like your application to be considered for. You do not need to start a new application or change your application unless anything has changed since your initial application. Please note that additional questions may come up based on the position you are applying for. You must respond to those and click the final finish and submit. You will receive the system generated email once the application is submitted.

Log into iVisions and modify the profile. Follow step by step from there (including not submitting more than once even though it looks like it does nothing).

When on the login page (, you can select “Forgot PIN or Forgot Password” under the Blue Sign In link and follow the steps. You can also contact the HR department to have a reset link sent to your email on file with your account.

You must apply at the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE). Please let HR know once your license is issued since we do not get this communication from the BOEE.

Your password can be reset online by visiting

If the initial password received from HR has been changed, you can submit an IT Ticket. If you have never submitted an IT ticket, you will need to register to set-up an account.

Once you receive your new social security card with updated last name, bring the new card to the District Office (560 SE University Avenue) so we can make our copy. We will initiate the name change in various software/systems from there.

Contact the HR Department at extension 2027 to find out if we can reprint a new badge from a previous picture or if you will need to stop by District Office (560 SE University Avenue) for a new photo and badge reprint.

Please refer to your employee handbook for specific leave information.

You can go directly to and login with your full school email address and password.

As an employee of Waukee Community School District, you are eligible to participate in a 403b plan. You can find more information about the 403b at Iowa Department of Administrative Services.

The effective date of benefit coverage for eligible employees is the first of the month following employment in an eligible position. For example, if your hire date for a full-time position is August 17, your benefits will begin on September 1. Or if you move from a part-time position to a full-time position on February 5, your benefits will be effective March 1.

For general benefits, questions contact the Benefits Analyst, Lisa Wadsworth or 515.987.5161 ext 2032. If you have a very specific claim or coverage question you can call the appropriate insurance carrier. You can find their contact information on the back of your insurance ID card.

There are no benefits provided in lieu of enrolling in the insurance coverage.

The insurance choices you make at the time of your enrollment are in effect through the end of the plan year (June 30). However, if you experience a qualifying Life Event you may have the opportunity to make changes to your elections. You must notify the Benefits Analyst, Lisa Wadsworth within 30 days of the event and make your changes within that time period.

Changes in your family status (i.e. birth or adoption of a child, marriage, divorce, death of a dependent) and changes in eligibility status (i.e. spouse loss of job/insurance eligibility; spouse new job/insurance eligibility). If you have a question as to whether or not your situation is a Qualifying Life Event contact the Benefits Analyst, Lisa Wadsworth.

Provide a copy of summons upon receipt to Sarah Spooner with Human Resources. Further instruction regarding next steps would then be provided. You will only need to enter a leave into Absence Management if you are called upon to appear in court.

When on the Frontline Education login page, you can select “Forgot PIN or Forgot Password” under the Blue Sign In link and follow the steps. You can also contact the HR department to have a reset link sent to your email on file with your account.

Our schools serve students from Clive, Urbandale, Waukee, and West Des Moines, as well as open enrollment students from other communities outside the 55 square miles of our district boundaries. A full listing of our schools, addresses, and phone numbers is available on our website.

Fill out the Volunteer Form and then contact the building you are interested in volunteering at to seek their volunteer opportunities.

Your driver’s license will be scanned for a registries check when you enter the building.