Our substitute teachers and associates are a well-respected and integral part of our classrooms as we provide families with more educational choices than any place in Iowa.

At WCSD, substitutes get a foot in the door of the eighth largest district in the state. They customize their own schedules and establish contacts with staff in an assortment of grade levels and with principals.  More than 20% of new teacher hires come from our substitute pool.

If you have a BA in a subject other than education, you may still qualify to be a substitute teacher. Visit the Heartland Area Education Agency for more information. Substitute Associate positions do not require a four-year degree.

WCSD offers competitive salaries.

Teacher & Nurse Substitute (prorated by the hour): 
$145 daily
After 100 workdays, $150 daily
Long Term – $222 daily starting 15th day

Associate, Health Associate & Secretary Substitute: 
After 100 workdays, $14.50/hour

If you are looking for a great career opportunity in education, then you are looking at the right place.

For additional information, call 515-987-5161.

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