Waukee Community School Districts offers items that can be purchased separately from a set meal, a la carte. A la carte purchases are an additional cost to the reimbursable breakfast or lunch meals. These items are also not included with a  free or reduced-price breakfast or lunch and must be paid for separately.

How to Set Restrictions

Parents/Guardians have the ability to set purchasing restrictions and/or remove the ability to purchase a la carte items. SchoolCafe can be used to keep up to date on your student’s school menu, purchase history, current account balance, and to set a la carte purchase restrictions.

  1. Go to schoolcafe.com/WCSDNutrition or download the free SchoolCafe app to your mobile device and create an account.
    • It is very important to remember your Username & Password.
    • If this is your first time logging in you will need to add your student by entering your student’s name and ID number.
  2. To set restrictions on a la carte purchases, click on “Purchase Restrictions” under your student’s information.
    • Restrictions can be set by a dollar amount per day or by an item number limit per day.
    • At this time, the software is unable to restrict by item type (chips, drinks, etc.), so we encourage you to have a conversation with your student about making the choices you deem appropriate.


Cereal Bar, Cereal Bowl: $1.00

Cinnamon Roll, Donut: $1.00

Cheese Stick: $1.00

Toast or Biscuit: $0.65

Vegetable/Fruit: $0.65

Yogurt – Danimals: $1.00

4oz Juice: $0.50

8oz Water: $0.70

Juicy Juice Box: $0.70

Milk (all Grades):  $0.50

Apple Bosco Stick: $1.00

Bean Dip: $1.00

Big Daddy Pizza Slice: $2.60

Fresh Fruit Cup: $2.50

Fresh Whole Fruit (Banana/Apple): $1.00

Hard-Boiled Egg- Seasoned Egg: $1.00

Hummus w/ Pita Chips – Snacker: $2.50

Lunch Entrée: $2.60

Munchable: $3.00

Nachos: $2.00

Onion Rings (5 per serving):  $1.00

Pretzel with Cheese: $2.00

Rockin’ Caesar Salad – Packaged: $2.60

Tornados: $2.00

Warrior Snacker: $2.50

Wraps: $2.60

Yogurt Parfait: $2.50

Animal Crackers: $1.00

Apples w/Caramel Dipping Stix: $2.00

Beef Jerky: $2.00

Benefit  Bars: $1.00

Betty Crocker Breakfast Bar: $1.00

Carnival Cookie – 1.5 oz:  $0.50

Cereal Bar, Cereal Bowl: $1.00

Chex Mix: $1.00

Chips: $1.00

Chocolate Chip Cookie Packaged: $1.00

Chocolate Cupcake: $1.00

Cinnamon Roll: $1.00

Cracker, Cheez-It: $0.75

Donut: $1.00

Extra Vegetable/Fruit: $0.65

Fruit Roll-Up: $1.00

Fruit Snacks: $1.00

Fudge Bar: $1.00

Goldfish, Cheddar: $0.75

Goldfish, Vanilla Giant: $1.00

Graham Snacks, Jurassic World: $1.00

Graham Snacks, Scooby Snacks: $0.75

Ice Cream Cone: $1.25

Ice Cream Sandwich: $1.00

Jonny Pop: $1.00

Mixmi Frozen Yogurt: $1.75

Muffin: $1.00

Nutri Grain Bar: $1.00

Popcorn: $1.00

Pop Tart: $1.00

Pretzel Heartzels: $1.00

Rice Krispy Treat: $0.50

Snack Crisps: $0.75

Snack Stick: $1.50

String Cheese: $1.00

Toast or Biscuit: $0.65

Yo-Lite Yogurt: $1.25

Yogurt – Danimals: $1.00

AE Milk 12 oz.: $1.25

AE 12 oz Orange Juice: $1.25

Bai Bubbles (High School Only): $2.25

Bottled Water 16.9 oz: $1.25

Capri Sun: $1.00

Gatorade (High School, Prairieview and Timberline Only): $1.25

Hy-Drive Energy Water – High School Only: $2.50

Izzie Juice – Middle Schools Only: $1.25

Juice Cup$0.50

Naked Juice: $2.50

Propel: $1.50

Side Kicks Slushie: $0.75

Soy Milk: $1.25

Sparkling ICE Water – High School Only: $2.00

Sports Water, 24 oz: $1.50

Switch Juice: $1.25

Tropicana Juice: $1.50

V8 Fusion: $1.50