At the Board of Education meeting on March 9, 2020, priorities were set for the next boundary process as we continue to grow and plan for our tenth elementary school, Sugar Creek Elementary, in 2022. The changes to boundaries in this process will go into effect for the 2022-23 school year. Any student entering secondary grades (6th-9th grades) has the option to attend the building in which they will be set to attend in 2022 anytime prior (August 2020 or August 2021) should they choose to do so. We will also provide transportation to those buildings prior to 2022.

Board Approved Boundary Priorities

  • Whenever possible, keep neighborhoods intact (defined as RSP planning areas).
  • Balance enrollment with the capacity of the school, and to the extent possible, not add additional fiscal costs for buildings or staffing.
  • Balance demographics, to the extent possible, for general similarity between schools. For areas in which that is especially challenging, be prepared to determine equitable resource allocations.
  • Anticipate the future growth of neighborhoods and work to allow areas of high growth to grow into the capacity of the school.
  • Consider boundary lines that follow natural/man-made boundaries

Guided by feedback from the participants in the last boundary process, this plan is designed to be even more inclusive than previous boundary discussions. Specifically, we are hosting open houses at five elementary buildings. These open houses are aimed to provide an opportunity for our community, parents, and students to view boundary map options and provide feedback for consideration by our Board, senior leadership team, and principals from elementary schools that are impacted.

Our plan is to provide an opportunity for feedback from our community, staff, and students. At this time we are looking at ways to do so. This will either be in person in an open house-style format or via an online survey.


Boundary Process Timeline

February 17-21 – Contact with RSP and Senior Leadership Team to discuss concepts and timelines. Narrow in on 2-3 map options to provide to the Board and the community.

February 24-28 – Meet with the elementary principals to explain the process and answer questions.

March – Board committees discuss guiding priorities.

March 9 – Board Meeting to discuss priorities and seek approval.

March-April – Community feedback opportunity – Boundary Survey


  • Meet with principals and compile feedback and data to potentially make changes and decide on a single, likely revised option for the Board.
  • Present the option to the Board for feedback.
  • Invite feedback from the community on the revised option.
  • Principals and Senior Leadership Team meet to review feedback.
  • Board review of survey feedback and any other feedback they have received.

May 6Boundary Public Feedback – Zoom Webinar

May 11 – Recommendation to the Board

May 26Final recommendation to the Board.

Boundary Process Timeline