Showing staff members with last name starting with the letter B
Photo of Pok Baccam
Pok Baccam
Nutrition Floating Supervisor
District Office
Photo of Lindsay Bahnsen
Lindsay Bahnsen
Becky Bailey
Belma Bajramovic
Danielle Bakker
Photo of Joshua Bandstra
Joshua Bandstra
Brett Barber
Facility/Intramural Supervisor
Aaron Barker
Photo of Jeannette Barnes
Jeannette Barnes
Alicia Barnes
Derek Barnhouse
Second Grade Teacher
Yesenia Barrera Mancera
Floater Custodian - Day
District Office
Melissa Barrie
Photo of Jennifer Barry
Jennifer Barry
Photo of Barbara Bartemes
Barbara Bartemes
Accounts Receivable Specialist
District Office
Kari Battles-Brown
Photo of Steven Baumeister
Steven Baumeister
Senior Technology Analyst
District Office
Photo of Aileen Bavas
Aileen Bavas
Adria Bechtold
Preschool Teacher
Photo of Tanya Becker
Tanya Becker
Photo of James Becker
James Becker
Leah Becker
Katheryn Becker
Sanela Begic
Special Education Associate
Emily Behrend
Craig Belden
Facility Supervisor
Photo of Juliet Bell
Juliet Bell
Ronda Benson
Photo of Jessica Bergman
Jessica Bergman
Sara Bertholf
Photo of Theresa Best
Theresa Best
Heather Bingaman
Photo of Lisa Black
Lisa Black
Photo of Natalie Blackford
Natalie Blackford
Photo of Patricia Blaess
Patricia Blaess
Photo of Marilyn Blankenship
Marilyn Blankenship
Deborah Boeck
Photo of Anne Boesen
Anne Boesen
APEX Human Services
Waukee Innovation & Learning Center
Photo of Tammy Boldt
Tammy Boldt
Katherine Boonstra
Photo of Matthew Boot
Matthew Boot
Nutrition Floating Supervisor/Events Coordinator
District Office
Kylie Bowers
Eric Boyle
Timberline Assistant Activities Director
Christina Bradley
Learning Lab Teacher
Photo of Michele Brandenburg
Michele Brandenburg
Lauren Brandt-Erickson
Cynthia Brcka
Photo of Andrew Briggs
Andrew Briggs
APEX Human Services
Waukee Innovation & Learning Center
Maureen Briles
Photo of Heather Brittenham
Heather Brittenham
James Broderick
Interoffice Mail Clerk/Inventory Specialist
District Office
Photo of Louanne Broderick
Louanne Broderick
Photo of Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks
Photo of Missy Brush
Missy Brush
Human Resources Generalist
District Office
Photo of Dr. Brad Buck
Dr. Brad Buck
District Office
Photo of Christie Burch
Christie Burch
Kendra Burger
Kelley Burke
Crystal Burns
Jennifer Burns
Photo of Brea Burrack
Brea Burrack
Travis Busby