Showing staff members with last name starting with the letter C
Photo of Ryan Caldbeck
Ryan Caldbeck
Nutiriton Talent Development Manager
District Office
Photo of Misty Callum
Misty Callum
Photo of Laura Calvert
Laura Calvert
Photo of Jennifer Campbell
Jennifer Campbell
Nutrition Floating Supervisor
District Office
Deborah Campbell-Shelton
Photo of Sarah Carder
Sarah Carder
Jenna Carey
Special Education Teacher
Tina Carter
Photo of Zemina Cejvanovic
Zemina Cejvanovic
Photo of Melissa Ceron
Melissa Ceron
Photo of Daniel Chapman
Daniel Chapman
Leah Cheatham
Photo of Karah Christensen
Karah Christensen
Jamie Christensen
Photo of Renae Cinnamon
Renae Cinnamon
Photo of Amelia Clark
Amelia Clark
Human Resources Manager
District Office
Christine Clark
Photo of Lisa Clay
Lisa Clay
Ranelle Coffey
Student Services Administrative Assistant
District Office
Diane Collins
Cassidy Conlan
First Grade Teacher
Photo of Jamie Coobs
Jamie Coobs
Photo of Ian Cook
Ian Cook
Field Technician
District Office
Carly Cook
Photo of Pamela Cord
Pamela Cord
Alexandra Cordes
Molly Cornelison
Third Grade Teacher
Photo of Melissa Coulter
Melissa Coulter
Photo of Charles Crenshaw
Charles Crenshaw
Photo of Maria Cruz
Maria Cruz
Erik Cunningham
Photo of Terri Cutler
Terri Cutler
Photo of Brian Cyr
Brian Cyr
APEX Engineering
Waukee Innovation & Learning Center