Showing staff members with last name starting with the letter H
Photo of Barry Hagelberg
Barry Hagelberg
District Office
Photo of Joshua Haldeman
Joshua Haldeman
Photo of Kathleen Hall
Kathleen Hall
Macy Hallinan
Robin Hallinan
Photo of Andrea Hallman
Andrea Hallman
Photo of Evan Hammans
Evan Hammans
Hallie Hammer
Special Education Associate
Photo of Lukas Hampton
Lukas Hampton
Mirsada Hamzic
Photo of Patti Handel
Patti Handel
Photo of Stacy Hansen
Stacy Hansen
Technology & Innovation Leader
District Office
Photo of Denise Hansen
Denise Hansen
Allison Hansen
Photo of Susan Hanson
Susan Hanson
Jacob Harder
Terri Harris
Maureen Hart
Learning Lab Teacher
Photo of Kim Hartley
Kim Hartley
Photo of Sara Hartsell
Sara Hartsell
Photo of Nahel Hasan
Nahel Hasan
English as a Second Language Associate
Photo of Kayla Haubrich
Kayla Haubrich
Photo of Andrew Hauptmann
Andrew Hauptmann
Matthew Haydon
Field Technician
District Office
Photo of Amy Hayes
Amy Hayes
Special Education Instructional Strategist
District Office
Photo of Joseph Heasley
Joseph Heasley
Photo of Samantha Hedrick
Samantha Hedrick
Photo of Kendra Heidt
Kendra Heidt
Photo of Chasity Heins
Chasity Heins
Charles Hejde
Kent Henderson
Photo of Cathleen Henrich
Cathleen Henrich
Photo of Cynthia Herren
Cynthia Herren
Technology & Innovation Leader
District Office
Photo of Rebecca Heth
Rebecca Heth
English as a Second Language Associate
Megan Hetzel
Special Education Associate
Christine Hickey
Alexandra Higgs
Second Grade Teacher
Photo of Nicole Hildebrand
Nicole Hildebrand
Photo of Michelle Hill
Michelle Hill
Director of APEX
Waukee Innovation & Learning Center
Photo of Brett Hill
Brett Hill
Rachelle Hoefflin
Kindergarten Teacher
Photo of Kristopher Hoeppner
Kristopher Hoeppner
Photo of Molly Hoger
Molly Hoger
LeAnna Hollingsworth
Photo of Jennifer Holvey
Jennifer Holvey
Photo of Janet Hook
Janet Hook
Photo of Megan Hoskinson
Megan Hoskinson
Photo of Emily House
Emily House
Photo of Summer Howe
Summer Howe
Photo of Mark Howsare
Mark Howsare
Photo of Michelle Huber
Michelle Huber
Photo of Donald Hughes III
Donald Hughes III
Photo of JoAnna Huisman
JoAnna Huisman
Jade Hulse
Special Education Associate
Photo of Georgia Humphrey
Georgia Humphrey
Photo of Virginia Hunnell
Virginia Hunnell
Photo of Angela Hunt
Angela Hunt
Photo of Jesse Hunt
Jesse Hunt
APEX Financial & Insurance
Waukee Innovation & Learning Center
Photo of Ruth Ann Hurd
Ruth Ann Hurd
Photo of Terry Hurlburt
Terry Hurlburt
Associate Superintendent
District Office
Photo of Erin Hurst
Erin Hurst
Jane Huss
Third Grade Teacher
Kimberly Hutchison
Special Education Associate