Waukee Community School District’s 10-year Facility and Financial Plan was created to help map our future growth and development. It includes detailed plans to manage the District’s facility and infrastructure needs, financial health, and enrollment projections. We believe this plan is an intentional, strategic shift to a longer-term, systemic approach to facility planning.

Key Highlights:

  • Great things continue to happen in Waukee and that includes continued increases in enrollment.
  • Provides a map for new facilities as well as support for existing facilities through 10-year planning that also addresses finances, boundary work, and staffing.
  • Equity in infrastructure across our schools is a priority, as is the access of students to technology.
  • Based on current financial, enrollment projections this vision contains shifts in approaches of our maturing district.


10-year Facility Plan Timeline

WCSD 10 year Facility Plan Timeline

On January 13, 2020, the District’s 10-year Facility and Financial Plan was presented to the Board of Education. This preliminary plan was the culmination of several months of work, guided by the expectations of the Board that we have a facility plan going forward that addresses both new facility needs and support for the buildings that exist in our district.  The Board of Education approved this plan as a framework to move forward on January 27, 2020.

WCSD 10 Year Facility & Financial Plan Presentation

Timberline improvements will include a second competition outdoor athletic facility available for district use.

  • Multi-purpose field turf, seating, lighting, concessions, and storage additions

Prairieview improvements will include a comprehensive fitness/weight room comparable to Timberline to support curricular and extracurricular programming such as PE and wrestling needs.

Brookview and Eason Elementary improvements will include providing equity by adding 4-6 rooms at each building. Possible room additions include:

  • Band Room
  • Computer Lab
  • Classrooms: office space, general education, and specialized programming
  • Parking additions

VMLC (Vince Meyer Learning Center)- Pre-K and office improvements will include the following:

  • 34,000 square foot (20 classrooms) addition to centralize preschool 
  • 8,100 square foot addition for IT (Information  Technology) and Community Education Departments
  • Demolition of existing IT building and storage

Elementary #10 will be located in the SW corner of our school district boundary. This will be our seventh elementary school with our standard footprint, however, the footprint has been updated to have more early childhood rooms for future flexibility.

We recognize the need in our community based on current activities and utilization.

  • Need to consider free-standing vs. attached to a building
  • Building to meet the needs of our curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Interested in external partners

The district plans to add a middle-level building that will initially be used for grades 6-7. The district will have the flexibility to use the building as a 6th-8th or 6th-9th grade if needed as we monitor growth in our district.

The timing of this addition will be impacted by student enrollment and meeting the needs of students. 2024 would be the earliest target date to open. The additions would include:

  • Consideration for expanded programming related to career and technical education
  • Career Center concept to serve our community

The district plans to add a middle-level building that will initially be used for grades 8-9. The district will have the flexibility to use the building as a 6th-8th or 6th-9th grade if needed as we monitor growth in our district.

Land and Boundary Timeline

Land and Boundary Timeline

The district will need to purchase land for new facilities to keep up with enrollment growth. We anticipate purchasing land as follows:

  • Pool and Middle-Level building in 2020
  • Middle-Level building in 2022
  • Elementary #11 in 2023
  • Elementary #12 in 2026

When Waukee Community School District opens a new facility current boundaries are reviewed and adjusted. K-12 boundaries will be updated in 2020, 6th-9th grade boundaries will be updated in 2022, Elementary boundaries will be updated in 2024.

  • The boundary for Elementary #10 will likely impact the high school boundaries. 
  • The goal is for elementary #11 and #12 to balance north and south feeder systems
  • The district plans to maintain a complete elementary feeder system, this means if you know your elementary school you will know your high school. 
  • Because there will be three middle-level buildings feeding two high schools, the middle-level feeder system will be incomplete. This means students in a middle-level building could attend different high schools, but will still follow their elementary feeder system plan.  


The money passed in the Bond Referendum in September 2020 will be used to secure the funds to pay for the plan so that other infrastructure monies can be directly committed to roof projects, interior improvements in existing schools, and parking lot repairs and replacements in addition to new facilities. This model allows for better planning and provides opportunities to place more technology in the hands of our students.

Total District Facility Needs Next 10 Years = $263,800,000

$205,000,000 GO Bond Referendum – September 2020 PASSED at 88%

We can confidently move forward with:

  • Five-year CIP Plans
  • Five-year roof plans
  • Five-year parking lot plans
  • Long-term technology planning with an emphasis on placing technology in the hands of students and staff
Year Project Funding Source
2020 Preschool Center SAVE Bonds – 2020B
2020 Elementary #10 SAVE Bonds – 2020B
2020 Land for Mid-Level Building #5 SAVE cash on hand
2020 Timberline 8-9 Athletic Facilities PPEL Cash on Hand
2021 Mid-Level Building #5 GO Bonds – 2021A
2021 Pool Facility GO Bonds – 2021A
2021 Land for Future Facility Needs GO Bonds – 2021A
2021 Prairieview Weight Room SAVE cash on hand
2021 Eason & Brookview Elem Additions SAVE cash on hand
2021 Land for Mid-Level Building #6 SAVE cash on hand
2021 Land for Elementary #11 SAVE cash on hand
2022 WILC Addition GO Bonds – 2022A
2022 Multipurpose Field Improvements GO Bonds – 2022A
2022 Land for Elementary #12 SAVE cash on hand
2023 Mid-Level Building #6 GO Bonds – 2023A
2024 Elementary #11 GO Bonds – 2024A
2027 Elementary #12 SAVE Bonds – 2027A