South Middle School Technology


The use of technology can be seen throughout the 7th grade language arts team at South Middle School.  Many of our students presented their first research reports this fall using live-streaming on YouTube, so family members were able to view it without having to be in the classroom. YouTube live-streaming allowed student projects to be shared around the country!

Google Classroom is the second piece of technology that has been used with the students this year.  Using their Google accounts, students are able to log into teachers’ virtual classrooms.  Students enjoy using Google Classroom because they can access their accounts at any time on any device.  Students are also able to submit work electronically, eliminating the paper trail.  Teachers are able to post comments for the students as well at any time.  Google Classroom is an efficient way for teachers and students to collaborate both during the school day and from home.

Plickers is another way in which some students have been engaged with technology in the classroom. Plickers allows teachers to collect instant feedback of how students are understanding a skill or concept. Students are able to answer questions through the use of an anonymous card. This allows the teacher to collect the answer each student displayed by scanning the students’ cards with an iPad, while other students in the class do not know what they are answering.

Students use QR codes to lead them to different online extension activities to complete. Students choose different activities to complete, then scan the QR code using an electronic device. We have used the QR codes to lead students to websites, videos, articles, or songs.

Students “go public” by live streaming their current events essays on YouTube.