Waukee Middle School’s Little Free Library

LittleFreeLibraryWMSWaukee Middle School (WMS) is proud to announce they are now a nationally registered “Little Free Library” location. There is now an area at the front, main entrance of the school where students and community members can take and read free books as well as donate literature. The books are intended to be shared with the entire Waukee community or even those just passing through.

The existence of the Little Free Library is credited to the Love of Literature team (LOL), a group of WMS staff who all share a passion for literature. Industrial Tech teacher Steve Nepp spearheaded the Little Free Library project. WMS students will be assisting with maintaining the book exchange.

LOL team member Susan Hope said, “This (The Little Free Library) allows the school to involve their community in literacy as well as support its main focus on instilling a love of literature in students, parents, staff and all families.”

The Little Free Library organization is a nonprofit with the mission to “promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide and build a sense of community.” The international concept of offering books in small boxes has gained increasing popularity. The number of nationally recognized mini-libraries now surpasses 36,000 as of January 2016.

Waukee is currently accepting donations to help fill the library. The school maintains that selections should consist only of young adult literature, as students from the middle school will use the library frequently. The spirit of the library is a take one, leave one approach so it is hoped that the library will become self-sustaining after the initial setup.