Waukee Middle School Celebrates the Arts!

Waukee Middle School “Celebrated the Arts” in the month of April with activities in advisory, classroom connections, field trips and co-curricular activities. The 7th grade band kicked off the celebration by performing for all students during advisory.

During the week, students also explored the benefits of instrumental music by watching videos and participating in a variety of activities.

The next week’s advisories had the chance to participate in acting and improvisation activities. The 7th graders saw a dramatic performance titled “I Have a Dream” at Des Moines Performing Arts. The 7th grade musical “Captain Louie, Jr.” was presented on April 14th and 15th and involved over 40 students. A group of ELP students also explored the life of Shakespeare and celebrated his birthday in preparation for seeing the group Improvised Shakespeare at DMPA on April 28th.

The WMS art teachers led the school in creating heart art pieces modeled after artist Jim Dine’s work. The hearts have been displayed at WMS.

Dance was next explored in advisory through movement activities, a 6th grade dance and videos about different dance styles. The 6th graders worked with guest artist Kathleen Hurley in PE as a part of their dance unit. The 6th graders saw a performance by modern dance group Body Traffic at DMPA on April 20th.

“We are truly blessed to live in an area where people are truly passionate about the arts, so that they can share their experiences with us,” commented physical education instructor Heidi Morse, who hosted Ms. Hurley.

The monthlong celebration concluded with the celebration of vocal music and learning about the benefits of singing in a choral group. The final performance of the month was the 6th/7th choir concert on April 28th.

This month of celebrated arts gave the WMS community a chance to explore a variety of arts activities together in a fun, uplifting environment. Activities and events for the month were made possible through work by the whole WMS staff as they were coordinated, directed and supported specifically by the following staff members: Deb Dunn, Mary Crandel, Brenda Doud, Hannah Ludwig, Sarah Schaefer, Ashley McGrath, Stephanie Jansa, Susan Wouters, Susan Hope, Andrea Baldwin, Heidi Morse, Michelle Anthoney, Shelly Schauefele, Brian Carico and Adam Shockey.