Celebrating 100 Years of Education

Today, July 29, 2016, marks the 100th anniversary of Waukee Community School District (WCSD). For the past 100 years WCSD has been dedicated to academic excellence and uniting youth with the surrounding community to form strong, lasting bonds.DistrictTurns100WCSD

The district was formed from a petition signed on July 29, 1916, that merged the Walnut Center, Pleasant View, Floral Valley and Waukee Independent School Districts to form Waukee Consolidated School District.The Waukee Consolidated School District eventually became the Waukee Community School District and remained small and rural until the 1980’s

In the 90’s, WCSD began to experience rapid growth. During the 1994-95 school year, 123 kindergarten students were taught amongst three kindergarten teachers with a total of 29 elementary classroom teachers for grades K-5. That spring, the district graduated 68 seniors.

The district continued to grow for the next 21 consecutive years. Last school year, the district’s kindergarten class grew to 870, 549 students graduated and it employed more than 1,200 staff members.

WCSD continues to be the fastest growing school district in Iowa and proves its dedication to students year after year. In a few weeks, WCSD will welcome more than 9,600 students into our classrooms. As a district we are proud to continuously offer new opportunities to students with staff who are committed to providing quality instruction and services to all.

History of Waukee Community School District Superintendents:

Superintendents are stewards of their community values-as manifest through the elected school board. Schools, the larger community, and the culture of a locale were there long before the superintendent and will be there long after.

  • H. P. Simpson – 1916
  • 4 “unknown” – 1917-1920
  • George W. Guthrie – 1920-1923
  • W. S. Smiley – 1923-1927
  • Chester J. Hartman – 1927- 1943
  • S. J. Wassom – 1943-1945
  • Roger K. Langer – 1945-1952
  • William N. Morris – 1952-1957
  • Kenneth E. Bryant – 1957-1964
  • Vince Meyer – Feb. 1964-June 1964
  • Clair Eason – 1964-1994
  • Veronica Stalker – 1994-2004
  • Dr. David J. Wilkerson – 2004-2017
  • Cindi McDonald – 2017-2019