Dhruv Chatterjee Succeeds at the 2016 USA Maths Kangaroo

A Maple Grove fourth grader, Dhruv Chatterjee, dominated at the 2016 USA Maths Kangaroo. Chatterjee scored 92 out of 96, only missing one four-point question in the long and grueling exam. He took first at the State level and third in national US rankings.Dhruv Chatterjee

“Over the years my dad has motivated and helped me. I wouldn’t have all the opportunities that I do without him or my family.  Also, my current teacher, Mr. Garland, has pushed me a lot and inspired me to be the best student I can be,” Dhruv Chatterjee said.

The International Kangaroo Competition will be held in Poland around August and Chatterjee will find out later this summer if he has been selected to attend. Chatterjee and his family are all very excited for this chance; however, the young student also mentioned that he is a little nervous.

“I will be doing a lot of studying over the next few months. I like to play a lot of math games and exercises in my free time. There is something about solving problems and figuring out a set of continuous puzzles that I like so much. I will need to practice fractions and geometry the most because these are my weakest areas,” Chatterjee explained.

Math Kangaroo is not the only academic based competition that Chatterjee is apart of. Chatterjee also has the North South Foundation (NSF) spelling bee finals coming up and commented that spelling is actually his best subject.

Additionally, Dhriti Chatterjee, Dhruv Chatterjee’s mother, is grateful for the teachers and staff at Maple Grove who helped her son get to where he is today.

“My husband, Priyo and I would like to thank all the teachers from the bottom of our hearts for the effort they have dedicated towards Dhruv during this academic year, for their encouragement and most of all, for engaging him and pushing him to excel,” said Dhriti.