Waukee High School Theater Arts Presents Dracula: The Vampire Play

Waukee High School’s production of Dracula will be performed October 13-14 at 7 p.m. and October 16 at 3 p.m. Tickets may be purchased online for $6 or on site the night of the show for $7 at the Theatre Arts Center at Prairieview School.

The classic Bram Stoker tale Dracula is taking a new form at Waukee High School’s Theatre Arts Center this October in the rewritten Dracula: The Vampire Play adapted and revised by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston. This new version centers around the old folklore of Count Dracula, who travels from his home in Transylvania to London and leaves a trail of entranced victims in his wake. While following Miss Lucy Westenra with the intent of making her one of his many brides, Dracula’s spell impacts almost everyone he comes in contact with. His ambitions turn friends and loved ones against each other as they all look to please the monster.

“I really enjoy playing a villainous character,” said junior Kyler Johnson, who portrays Dracula. “It’s fun to be a character that enjoys messing with other people’s lives because it’s different from who I am in real life.”

Johnson is one of many students working hard to make sure this fall’s play will be a success. Johnson said he has enjoyed working with the rest of the cast to practice and perfect their performance.

“I hope to contribute a positive attitude to this fall’s play and want to make sure everyone involved is being included and having a good time,” Johnson said.

Under the direction of Mrs. Angela Youngers, assistant direction of Ms. Katie Coon and student direction of Naomi Gorden, Waukee High School’s production of Dracula: The Vampire Play promises to be an unforgettable evening filled with the passion and enthusiasm student actors will exhibit on stage.

Characters in Order of Appearance Actor
Grimm Jake Senne
Understudy Mitchell Pollitt
Mrs. Fern Adelia Brown
Understudy Jessie Jost
Mrs. Westenra Gabi Gauthier
Understudy Hailey Clevenger
Dr. Quincy Zach Breit
Arthur Holmwood Cameron Wolff
Understudy Jon Francisco
Mina Breanne Wilhite
Understudy Audrey McKinney
Flora Olivia Gorden
Understudy Maren Wilkinson
Lucy Westenra Yvette Lebaron
Understudy Paige Wilkinson
Dracula Kyler Johnson
Understudy Harold Norris
Nurse Cassidy Danika Werner
Understudy Riley Atwood
Renfield Jacob Roush
Understudy Kieran Grey
Miss Anya Jocelyn Smith
Understudy Rose Johnston
Jonathon Harker Caleb Neese
Understudy Nick Mitchell
Professor Van Helsing Ashish Jha
Understudy Jack Sieleman
Vampire Wife 1 Mikala Clark
Vampire Wife 2 Paige Kolk
Vampire Wife 3 Flannery Closner