18 Waukee High School Seniors Attend NCYL Annual Youth Salute

In September, 18 Waukee High School (WHS) seniors joined over 200 students from other schools to attend the National Council on Youth Leadership’s (NCYL) annual Youth Salute, at Drake University.

Among the WHS students chosen to participate in the event were seniors Alivia Bergman, Callie Earney, and Nathan Sanders. Each student said it was an honor to attend the event to learn more about developing and applying their leadership skills.

“We learned about leadership styles and how to tell what types of personalities work best together,” Bergman said. “I learned so much about how to engage others as a leader and how to be a role model both in the classroom and during extracurricular activities.”

Earney and Sanders echoed Bergman’s sentiment about the event. Over the course of those two days, Bergman, Sanders, Earney, and their peers participated in leadership-building seminars and workshops.

“During NCYL we learned that leadership is more than just telling people what to do,” Earney said. “It’s about knowing your values and applying them to your leadership positions while serving as a role model for other people.”

Each student said they plan to use what they learned during the NCYL Youth Salute during their remaining time at Waukee High School and in the future when they attend college.

“I try to be a good role model and do the best I can every day,” Sanders said. “Leadership is about doing the right thing every day and being an example for other people.”

About the NCYL Youth Salute

Youth Salute recognizes outstanding high school seniors and involves them in seminars and workshops specifically designed to develop their exemplary leadership skills further.

Youth Salutes are the roots of our program and have been implemented in communities across the country to provide recognition to outstanding high school seniors.

Nominations for Youth Salutes are requested during a student’s junior year. The nominees must have been elected to a leadership position and have at least a “B” average. Students are not only nominated based upon grades, but also on their leadership activity in school, religious organizations, and in their community. Each student is asked to complete an application and answer an essay question.