Prairieview Spanish Teacher Christine McCormick named IWLA Educator of the Year


Waukee Community School District (WCSD) prides itself on its talented, dedicated and caring teachers. Over the last five years in the district, Christine McCormick has been dedicated to teaching Spanish to secondary students. Her hard work has paid off. The Iowa World Language Association (IWLA) has named McCormick the 2016 Educator of the Year for the Secondary Level.

Christine mccormick

Christine McCormick teaches to secondary students. Her hard work has paid off. The Iowa World Language Association (IWLA) has named McCormick the 2016 Educator of the Year for the Secondary Level.

Teachers are nominated for the award for exemplifying their best teaching in a particular level while also actively involving themselves in IWLA and showing great contribution to the field of world language education. The award presentation was held on Friday, October 7, during the luncheon of the 2016 IWLA Annual Conference at the Coralville Marriott in Coralville, Iowa.

“I feel honored to receive this award from my peers,” McCormick said. “I remember my first Iowa World Language Conference as a student at Drake when my professor, Larry Pace, won the same award. Years of attending this conference has made a huge impact on the teacher I am today, so the award is really due to what I have learned from my world language colleagues.”

During McCormick’s time at WCSD, she has had the opportunities to attend other foreign language teaching conferences that helped broaden her mind and shape the kind of teacher she strives to be every day. McCormick has also been elected to attend the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) twice, as well as attending the Central States Conference of the Teaching of Foreign Languages and the Iowa World Language Conference.

“These conferences provide us invaluable current research and practice of the teaching of world languages,” McCormick said. “Our district professional development really helps us focus on reaching all students and doing what’s best for kids in the classroom.”

McCormick plans to continue her excellence in teaching by giving students the best possible Spanish language education she can offer.

“In my role as advocacy chair, I plan to advocate for world language programs and opportunities for students both in the district and in the state,” McCormick said. “The state of Iowa recently completed work on Core Competencies in World Languages. I plan to assist our district in implementing and supporting this initiative.”

About IWLA

The Iowa World Language Association (IWLA) is devoted to advancing the worldwide mission of education and world languages, literature and culture by:

  • Promoting the study of world languages and cultures.
  • Promoting language curricula, from primary to post-secondary levels, to enable students to become proficient in the target language.
  • Opening the doors for multi-lingual interaction with other cultures.

To this end IWLA provides opportunities and support for language teacher education by:

  • Facilitating the implementation of the National Standards in Foreign Language Education through the 5 C’s: Communication, Culture, Connection, Comparison and Communities.
  • Creating opportunities and finding resources for practicing teachers to update their skills and improve their teaching.
  • Encouraging the use of new teaching methodologies and technologies in language education.