Waukee Middle School Holds 7th Grade Medieval Festival

Choruses of “huzzah!” and live music rang throughout the Waukee Middle School cafeteria on Friday, October 21, during the school’s annual medieval festival for 7th graders.

During the festival, students performed prepared skits in front of their peers dressed in Waukee Warrior colored medieval garb. Teachers donned in robes and dresses helped move the event along, distributing snacks and water to excited students between skits.

“This is my second year teaching here, and I’ve never seen something quite like this take place at a school,” said world language teacher Michele Brandenburg. “Many of the social studies teachers are the ones who put this event together and make it succeed every year.”

After skits and snacks, students broke out into group activities in different parts of the school. The students had the opportunity to sign up prior to the festival for which group they wanted to participate in. Group activities included art, performance, medieval games, and more.