Waukee High School Senior Scores 36 on ACT

Shay London, senior at WHS

Shay London, senior at WHS.

This summer Shay London received exciting news, he was one of 24 students in the state of Iowa to receive the highest composite score possible on the ACT, a 36.

Less than one-tenth of one percent of students who take the ACT earn a composite score of 36. This score is an average of the four tests: English, mathematics, reading and science. Each test is based on a scale of 1-36.

“Waukee has done a good job of preparing me for the ACT and college,” London said. “I’ve always been surrounded by amazing teachers and faculty members that enjoy what they do and push me to be the best I can.”

To prepare for the test, London took a short ACT prep course through Keith Stende Educational Services. He also made sure to go into the test relaxed and well rested.

London has been involved in a variety of different activities throughout his time at Waukee High School. He has enjoyed playing intramural sports with his friends, coaching his brother’s basketball teams, volunteering at Reggie’s Sleepout at Drake and even working at the Waukee Public Library as a book shelver.

WHS helped London find his passion by giving him the opportunity to explore a variety of STEM classes.

“I originally wanted to be an astronaut in elementary school,” London said. “Taking astronomy sophomore year and physics last year helped me identify two subject areas that interested me. Those interests led me to Aerospace Engineering where those two subjects intersect.”

For now, London is still visiting colleges such as the University of Iowa and Iowa State University as well as schools outside of the state before making a decision.

Waukee High School students as a whole continue to perform well on ACT. 418 students from the WCSD graduating class of 2017 took the ACT. The average composite score was 23.6 compared to the state average of 21.9.

Throughout the year Waukee Community Education offers ACT prep courses.