District Receives Meritorious Budget Award

Waukee Community School District (WCSD) received the Association of School Business Official International’s Meritorious Budget Award (MBA) for the fiscal school year 2018.

“This award recognizes districts that have made it clear they want students at the center of their fiscal plan and vision,” said ASBO international executive director John Musso.

The MBA promotes and recognizes excellence in school budget presentation and enhances school business officials’ skills in developing, analyzing and presenting a school system budget. After a rigorous review by professional auditors, this achievement is awarded to school districts that have met or exceeded the program’s stringent criteria. WCSD is one of the two districts from Iowa that receive the award, the other being Des Moines Public Schools.

Tim Bloom, director of business services, says his department’s 200-page book full of the financial forecast is what has gotten WCSD the award for the past two years. The book, which is created and finalized in 90 days, allows the business department to project and plan for the budget.

“Managing the school district’s budget is like a personal checkbook. If your paycheck is a hundred dollars but your bill is a hundred and thirty then you have to budget and manage your money to make it work,” said Bloom. “It’s important that we focus on future growth by maintaining fiscal responsibility and not exceeding our budget.”

The award itself is sponsored by ASBO International partner, Voya Financial.