Transition into 2021-22: Additional Extra-Curricular Activities to be Added

As Waukee Community School District (WCSD) prepares to transition to a comprehensive two high school system in 2021-22, we have set the priority of creating an equitable environment for our students to have a quality experience no matter which school they attend.

WCSD Administration and Board of Education have been working on the transition process. The elementary boundary process is complete and our goal is to complete the secondary feeder system by the end of the current school year.  The next Board work session regarding the feeder system is scheduled for March 6 at 6 p.m. 

While a transition to a two high school system will be a change for our school community, the students, staff, and families will see an increase in the number of opportunities for our students in the area of extra-curricular activities by fall 2019.

Recently, the Board approved additional coaching positions, along with one additional Activities Director. The first change you will see is athletic teams for the 9th grade/JV level will be added beginning in the fall of 2019.

What can you expect in 2019-2020? Adding additional teams (at either the 9th grade or JV level) in the following areas:

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Soccer
  • Boys Soccer
  • Fall Cheerleading
  • Winter Cheerleading
  • Dance
  • Boys Golf

District and building administrators are currently working to hire coaches and sponsors in the areas listed above. As positions get filled and we get closer to the 2019-2020 school year, we will release more specific details regarding how the structure of teams will look.

Why does this expansion only include the listed activities? Our staff took the time to consider expanding all activities at the 9th and JV level. However, due to the following factors, we are moving forward with this current plan of expansion:

  • Student participation numbers
  • Facility considerations
  • Maintaining a competitive balance
  • No existing 9th-grade participation schedule

Other changes include; current Assistant Activities Director Todd Schneiter will transition into the position of 8-9 Activities Director at Prairieview School, beginning July 1, 2019. An additional 8-9 Activities Director will be hired for Timberline School in the coming months to begin on July 1, 2019. Jim Duea will continue to serve activities and athletics for grades 10-12 at Waukee High School.

What will these teams be called? What is our mascot? Until we open our second high school, we will remain the Waukee Warriors. With these additional teams, the administration will work to distinguish teams who are at the same grade level by Waukee “Purple”, Waukee “Gold”, Waukee “White”, Waukee “A”, or Waukee “B”.

Details on the facility naming of our second high school and the subsequent branding are currently being worked on internally. Once plans and a timeline become finalized, we will release details to our school community, along with opportunities for your input.

We are excited about the current and future opportunities for our students and school community.

Should you have questions, please contact:

Kirk Johnson, Associate Superintendent
Jim Duea, Grades 10-12 Activities Director
Todd Schneiter, Grades 8-9 Activities and Athletics Director