March 2019 Spotlight on Finance

Financial Reports Stock PhotoOver the next few months, we will look at each of the findings included in the State Audit and share what we have done to address their recommended control procedures in a series of updates called Spotlight on Finance.  Many of these changes actually took place prior to the audit being released and others were already on our list of planned tasks to complete.


Salary Approval

We will provide the Board a listing of personnel, proposed salary and percentage increase for approval. Contracts will be brought to the Board without the President’s facsimile signature created by the accounting system.  Board President will sign all administrator contracts as required by code.

Special Event Application

We will continue to bring all agreements to the Board for approval prior to the event occurring. Communication will continue to occur with staff to ensure that everyone is aware of the process. Any exceptions will be noted.

  •  Payroll
    • Administrator salary increases will be posted more clearly on eBoard as well as in the minutes. Salary increases will not be included in the Consent Agenda but will be separate action items.
    • We continue to look at salary comps when setting salaries for our employees.
    • A vacation payout policy is currently being worked on in Policy and Finance committees.  This will be added to handbooks once complete.
    • We continue to improve procedures to avoid errors in payroll.

Cell phones

We have created a cell phone procedure.  Very few employees have a district cell phone.  Those that do are required to have another phone for personal use. The remainder of employees now receive a cell phone stipend. Cell phones are now monitored by the Business office. Once we have collected all of the District phones no longer in use, we will determine which to keep for spares and will sell the remainder on GovDeals.

Spotlight on Finance Monthly Updates