Naming Waukee’s Second High School

As you know, Waukee Community School District (CSD) is currently building our second high school. The facility is scheduled to open in the fall of 2021 and we are excited to start the branding and naming process, through a two-phase process.

The Waukee CSD Board requested a collaborative process be developed between our community, school staff, and students to create an identity for the second high school. The identity of this school will represent the mission and culture of our school district while uniting our schools, programs, and communities.

Phase one will include naming the facility. We are extending an invitation for you to suggest a name for Waukee’s second high school.

Phase two will be focused on branding (mascot, logo, colors). This phase will happen after secondary attendance center boundaries are determined and approved by our board of education. In an effort to involve the appropriate stakeholders, we will not begin phase two until we have approved secondary attendance center boundaries. This process is currently in progress and it is anticipated to be completed this summer.

You are invited to submit a name for the second high school, with rationale via this form link through April 5, 2019.

After suggestions have been received and the survey closes, we will utilize the following guidance (Board Policy 901.10) to make a recommendation(s) to the Waukee CSD Board of Education:

  1. Any name under consideration may, when possible, have special significance to the community, its traditions, values, and the school’s student body.
    • No District Facility should be named for any living person, and no District Facility should be named for a deceased person until at least five (5) years following such person’s death;
    • A District Facility need not be named after persons;
    • Any name under consideration should be consistent with the traditions of the name already in use, the long-range impact of any name change, and the intended future use of the District Facility should be considered; and
    • Prior to the adoption of a new name, the parents and students served by the District Facility under consideration should have an opportunity to provide input.
  2. A name may not be considered if an existing school, facility, or portion of a school or facility is already named for that person.
  3. Any name adopted shall not be similar to the name of any existing district school as to result in confusion to members of the community.

Please continue to follow our progress on our second high school here and social media for the next steps in the process. Thank you for your input and dedication to Waukee CSD.

Waukee Second High School Naming Options Form