Second High School Naming Update

We are getting close to naming Waukee Community School District’s second high school. We want to hear from our community about options that will be presented to the Board of Education for a final vote at the end of May.

Where We Started
In March, a survey was sent out to community members, staff, and students to provide naming suggestions. There were 552 responses and of those, 229 unique names were submitted. There were definite themes associated with the submissions, with 54.5% directionally themed, i.e. North, West, and 45.8% historical in nature, i.e. land, individuals. More to come on an unintended, but a great outcome of the survey was potential names for our tenth elementary and future schools.

We do want to be clear, Waukee High School will remain, no changes will be made to the current high school name, logo or mascot.

After narrowing down the responses, we worked with legal counsel to vet them through the trademark, license and copyright process. Ultimately the process did eliminate several contenders based on other schools, organizations or businesses with the same or similar names.

Where We are Today
We want to hear from you in this feedback form before the name is voted on by Board of Education on May 28, 2019.  Please provide feedback on each of the names presented and note the “other” option if you have a naming suggestion not listed, knowing it could have been ruled out for various other legal reasons. The Board will be provided with the feedback to help with their decision making process. Please note, the names in the survey may be eliminated for unforeseen reasons and could result in a different naming choice.

Feedback form

The feedback survey is open from until May 20, 2019.

Thank you again for your support of the Waukee Community School District.

Kirk Johnson, Associate Superintendent
Amy Varcoe, Director of Communications