Waukee High School Awarded Des Moines Register All-Sports Trophy

For the fourth time in five years, the Waukee High School (WHS) Athletic Department has won the coveted Des Moines Register All-Sports Trophy. Schools are awarded points for their state place finish in all 21 interscholastic sports.  Only the top eight schools in each sport’s state championship series receive points. The school that tabulates the most points throughout the year wins the “all-sport” honor.

Led by state championships in Boys Golf, Girls Bowling, Girls Track, and Boys Soccer, WHS totaled 104.5 points.  WDM Valley and Dowling Catholic tied for second with 64.5 points.  WHS’s highest point total had been 85.5 points, scored last year during the 2018-2019 sports season. WDM Valley had the previous highest point total of 89 points, recorded in 2017-2018.

Along with the four state titles, the Warriors also had state runner up finishes in Boys Swimming, Girls Soccer and Softball. Third place state finishes in four other sports brought the total number of top 3 finishes to 11.

“For a school to place in the top 3 at State in 11 of 21 sports is truly remarkable,” said Waukee Activities Director, Jim Duea.  “It is a credit not only to a talented group of athletes and their coaches, but also to the parents and community for all of their support”.

In all, 17 WHS sports placed in the top 8 in their state competition.

  1. Girls Cross Country, 5th Place  – 4 points
  2. Boys Cross Country, 8th  Place- 1 point
  3. Boys Golf, 1st Place – 10 points
  4. Football, Quarter Finals – 2.5 points
  5. Volleyball, Quarter Finals – 2.5 points
  6. Boys Swimming, 2nd Place –  8 points
  7. Wrestling, 5th Place – 4 points
  8. Girls Bowling, 1st Place – 10 points
  9. Girls Basketball, Quarter Finals – 2.5 points
  10. Boys Basketball, 3rd Place – 6 points
  11. Girls Track, 1st Place – 10 points
  12. Boys Track, 3rd Place – 6 points
  13. Boys Soccer, 1st Place – 10 points
  14. Boys Tennis, 3rd Place – 6 points
  15. Girls Golf, 3rd Place – 6 points
  16. Girls Soccer, 2nd Place – 8 points
  17. Softball, 2nd Place – 8 points

Total = 104.5