Summer Howe Starts School-wide Book Club

Summer Howe, an eighth-grade language arts teacher, is making a difference at Timberline School through a school-wide book club. 

She has put an immense amount of time and effort into bringing the Project LIT Book Club to Timberline. The first club was created by students in Nashville who wanted to take an active role in their learning by organizing a monthly breakfast book club to celebrate and discuss books. Their success inspired school districts across the country to replicate the club and create a space that allows students, teachers, parents and community members to connect and learn. 

At Timberline, Howe puts together fun games and creates a space for students to bond with people they may not usually have the opportunity to talk to. Students also share and discuss their thoughts over the monthly book. The goal is for students to serve as discussion facilitators, trivia hosts, photographers, greeters, and a number of other roles in future meetings. 

Thanks to Howe’s commitment to Project LIT Book Club, more students at Timberline are joining the club, and a larger variety of books are being ordered to meet the demand.