Five WHS Students Earned a Goldurkunde on the National German Exam

Twenty-one Waukee High School (WHS) students challenged themselves and took the National German Exam this year. Of the 21, five scored high enough to earn a Goldurkunde (gold certificate), three earned a Silberurkunde (silver certificate), two earned a Bronzeurkunde (bronze certificate) and six earned an Achievement Award.

The National German Exam is administered each year to nearly 25,000 high school students of German. The Exam, now in its 60th year, provides individual diagnostic feedback, rewards students through an extensive regional and national prize program, and creates a sense of accomplishment. Exam results provide teachers a means of comparing students in all regions of the country, as well as programmatic data to help inform curricular decisions.

The Exam is delivered electronically and has four levels, each with the same format. The Level 2, 3, and 4 Exam is administered in the winter so qualifying students in the 90th percentile can apply for the AATG/PAD Study Trip Awards, a four-week study trip program to Germany.

Congratulations to the following students on their achievement!

  • Margaux Basart: Goldurkunde – she and her twin sister, Miranda, had the highest score in the state on the Level 3 exam.
  • Miranda Basart: Goldurkunde  – she and her twin sister, Margaux, had the highest score in the state on the Level 3 exam.
  • Kristen Stone: Goldurkunde  – she had the highest score in the state on the Level 4 exam.
  • Dylan Neitzel:   Goldurkunde
  • Kyndal Jones: Goldurkunde
  • Emma Vandekrol: Silberurkunde
  • Aliki Kassioti: Silberurkunde
  • Anna Roodnitsky: Silberurkunde
  • Bailey Kroll: Bronzeurkunde
  • Landon McPike: Bronzeurkunde

The German teachers in the WCSD are very proud of these students for challenging themselves and representing Waukee in such a positive light.

  • Tammy Getting – WHS German Instructor
  • Tracy Spackman – WHS German Instructor
  • Liz Schupp – Timberline German Instructor
  • Jenna Huston – Prairieview German Instructor
  • Danielle Taha – South Middle School German Instructor
  • Michele Brandenburg – Waukee Middle School German Instructor