Documenting History – Waukee’s Yearbook Team Ready for the Challenge

The Waukee High School Yearbook Team is ready for the challenge.

“Future generations are going to see this and see how odd it was, but they are going to see that we worked through it and made it happen,” said Audra Wilkinson, Waukee High School yearbook editor.

Making a yearbook happen with so much going on daily is quite the chore, but this year’s team is anxious for the opportunity.

“This year is going to be especially interesting because we’ve got online school, we have online students. We have virtual clubs this year, which is new and different,” says Serenity Lo, Waukee High School yearbook editor. “We are just having a blast putting together this huge time capsule that we are going to look back on and say hey, we did that.”

Check out the video associated with this story for a behind-the-scenes look at the yearbook process.