Incredible Effort from South Middle School Students in Food Drive (Special Surprises Included)

Students at South Middle School knew there was a need for food.

“We’ve all gone through hard times during the pandemic and I think we realized the hardships we go through and if we stick together, we can get through this together,” says 7th Grader Lillie Coffey.

So the students went to work with the 2021 South Middle School Food Drive.

“There are a lot of people who don’t have the necessary needs, especially during the pandemic, losing their jobs, we wanted to give them stuff.” says 7th grader Anna Williams.

“Especially in the winter, people need warmth and food to survive, so if you have food, you can be better,” says 7th grader Lucas Dragert.

But the food didn’t just trickle in, it poured in. More than 1,000 food items in this year’s drive.

“I’m very proud of our school, we do food drives and winter drives every year and I feel like we really help the community,” says Williams.

Of course there were some rewards. For 500 food item, Principal Doug Barry dyed his beard and hair.

Then at 750 item Assistant Principal Clay Young shaved his head.

And at 1,000 items, it’s an early out teacher swap in the South Middle School pods.

“I’m very proud because we got 1,172 items,” says Dragert.

An incredible number, after an incredible effort. Of course the head shavings and beard dyings will be the memorable stories, but the impact these kids made on their community, will make a lasting impact.

“Getting 1,172 food items to donate back to our community for the food drive, it’s amazing,” adds Coffey. “I’m proud of our school.”