Warrior Effect at Timberline – Important Conversations about Equity in the Community

Hala White is in her second year of Warrior Effect, a perfect place for her.

“I like making change and I like to make people happy,” says White, a 9th grade student at Timberline School.

Warrior Effect is a group of students at Timberline. The group’s goal is to create a place of conversation and facilitate a platform to raise awareness.

“I’m mixed, both White and Black. I’ve had to choose a lot. I’ve always had to pick a side and I hate that so much because it feels like I’m choosing a part of myself,” says White. “I’m just learning and growing and trying to make it so other people who are different don’t have to choose.”

Hala and her classmate Jordan Jeter are the two student leaders of Warrior Effect. This is a huge responsibility, but a really important position.

“If we learn all of this history, maybe people will be able to understand each other,” says Jeter, a 9th grade student at Timberline.

Warrior Effect’s current project is a Forgotten Museum, designing posters to place around school showcasing African American leaders. 

“I feel like not a lot of people know about these Black leaders that have done so much,” says Jeter. “There are so many people that have impacted our lives and not very many people get the recognition.”

Warrior Effect deserves a lot of recognition because they are providing a space to speak about some of the most important topics in our country.

“Next time we are going to do women leaders,” says Jeter. We are going to put them (posters) around the school so people can see both worlds and see people who helped get them to where they are.”

There are some powerful life lessons being learned at Timberline, with students like Jordan and Hala leading the way.

“It does make me proud to be a part of this,” says White. “We are just trying our best and we are growing as a community and we are helping others grow and it does make proud that I am a part of that.”