South Middle School Hosts Brave Spaces Event

South Middle School held a Brave Spaces event on Tuesday, April 6. Brave Spaces is a student diversity group committed to anti-oppression, listening to diverse voices and perspectives, sharing knowledge, empowering student-led change, and celebrating diversity.

The goal of South Middle School’s event was to support crucial conversations within the school community. South Middle School believes in strengthening our perspectives, knowledge and skills to lead and support conversations around oppression and racism. They recognize student’s influence on the climate and culture of the South Middle School community.

The student conference event was centered around three project sessions.

  • Session 1 – Identity
  • Session 2 – Power of voice
  • Session 3 – What does action look/sound like?

Please watch the video associated with this story as students and school leadership explain why this event helps define the future of their school.