BANNER Tips for Successful (1)


  • Create a school workspace: keep paper, pens, and pencils nearby  
  • Minimize distractions
    • Turn off or distance yourself from media (TV, video games, social media, cell phone, etc) 
  • Manage your time wisely
    • Write out a schedule; check out your daily goal!
    • Stay on top of your assignments; check Canvas and/or PowerSchool
  • Utilize breaks
    • Step away from your screen and take care of your personal needs between classes
  • Set an alarm to start your day with enough time to eat breakfast and prepare for online learning

Goal Setting:

  • Set a goal: have a clear direction to be motivated
    • What can you get done today? How much time should you spend on this?
    • What can you currently manage?
    • What is the most important? In what order should you do things?


  • Be an active participant in the class and individually 
    • Class: Contribute ideas, share responses, use facial expressions and gestures
      • Get involved in discussions 
      • The more you interact, the more you learn
    • Individually: This looks different for everyone. Do you need to take notes or sketch? Talk with others? Write? Try practice problems?
  • Continue to form relationships and engage with your peers and teachers.
    • If extra opportunities to Google Meet are offered, take them up on it!


  • Embrace technology – make sure you have access to a working internet connection. 
  • Wellness Check for your device (MacBook or iPad)
    • Restart your device at least once a week
    • Remember to charge your device over night
  • If your device is not working properly, take these steps.

Self- Advocate:

  • Find and use the resources your teacher provides
  • Ask for help when you need it
    • Seek and use feedback 
    • Be proactive
      • Pause and ask yourself how you can solve the problem
      • Recognize when you need help
    • Know the best ways and times to ask for help 
      • Your teacher can help with this


  • Communicate frequently 
    • Be comfortable with communicating with your teacher over email, Google Meet, or the phone.
    • Know the best ways to communicate with your teachers 
      • When?
      • How?
  • Check your communication tools daily 
    • School Email
    • Canvas
    • PowerSchool