The Waukee Community School District has put together a collection of educational opportunities during our time away from school. Below is a list of ideas, clickable links, and brief descriptions for educational resources. This list is not intended to be comprehensive, rather they are resources that students and families may find helpful during this time. The Iowa Department of Education has created a collection of resources for families, caretakers, and educators to use during this time. Additionally, the Heartland AEA has also put together some vetted, age-appropriate and high-quality digital resources. A link to their website and list of the school-specific usernames and passwords can be found below.

Iowa Department of Education Resource Page

  • Audible Stories – Free audio stories from Audible. For as long as schools are closed, we’re open. Starting today, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.
  • ABCmouse – For students ages (2-8) Early Learning Academy covers the following academic areas: reading and language, math, science, health, social sciences, arts and music. ABCmouse is designed to stimulate child learning and includes more than 11,000 learning activities. ABCmouse Parent Letter-Code
  • Create fiction and non-fiction stories.
  • Journal Daily – Students can write or draw about their day or other topics of their choice
  • Overdrive – Free ebooks and audiobooks with a public library card
  • PBS Kids – Educational games and videos from Curious George, Wild Kratts and other PBS KIDS shows!
  • Ranger Rick, Zoo Books – Free Subscription available. Ranger Rick wants to help your family stay entertained and engaged in the natural world. We are making all digital editions of our magazines free to the public through the end of June.
  • Scholastic Learn at Home – Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking and growing.
  • StoryWeaver – A digital database of multilingual stories for children. It can be used via mobile devices and computers.
  • Teach Your Monster How to Read – Early literacy practice free on the computer version.
  • Write letters to friends and family
  • Freckle – Freckle empowers teachers to differentiate instruction across Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science.
  • KET’s PBS Learning Media – Iowa PBS and PBS have curated FREE, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more.
  • Khan Academy – Resources for schools, teachers, and parents for a variety of subject areas
  • Nature walk and playing outside
  • Outdoor scavenger hunt
  • Pursue an inquiry question – What is something your child or children have been asking about? See what questions they have and discover ways to learn more about that
  • Mystery Science – Free Science Lessons designed to engage students, achieve learning outcomes and be easy to use.
  • National Geographic Kids – Videos, games, and other learning opportunities from NatGeo.
  • Twig Science Tools – Science website with videos, visuals, and others for students K-12. Free to sign up.
  • – Offers free, high-quality educational materials to anyone interested in learning! Includes resources for a variety of subjects in K-12 Education
  • Smithsonian Education – Games, activities, and videos created to support the core of the Smithsonian’s mission—the increase and diffusion of knowledge
  • State Historical Society of Iowa – Various resources on Iowa History for Grades K-12

The Heartland Area Education Agency resources are sorted by grade level at the link below.

Heartland AEA Digital Resources

Building Specific Login Information

Brookview Elementary

  • Username: 6822brook
  • Password: haea11

Eason Elementary

  • Username: 6822eason
  • Password: haea11

Grant Ragan Elementary

  • Username: 6822grant
  • Password:haea11

Maple Grove Elementary

  • Username: 6822mapl
  • Password: haea11

Radiant Elementary

  • Username: 6822radiant
  • Password: haea11

Shuler Elementary

  • Username: 6822shul
  • Password: haea11

Walnut Hills Elementary

  • Username: 6822waln
  • Password: haea11

Waukee Elementary School

  • Username: 6822wauke
  • Password: haea11

Woodland Hills Elementary

  • Username: 6822wood
  • Password: haea11

South Middle School

  • Username: 6822wauks
  • haea11

Waukee Middle School

  • Username: 6822waukm
  • Password: haea11

Prairieview School

  • Username: 6822pview
  • Password: haea11

Timberline Elementary

  • Username: 6822timber
  • Password: haea11

Waukee High School

  • Username: 6822waukh
  • Password: haea11